Valentino Rossi

30 curiosities about Valentino Rossi (that you may not know).

What can we say about Valentino Rossi! 9 world titles, 199 podiums, 89 victories, 54 poles. Without a doubt, he is one of the best riders in the history of motorcycling. In fact, for many he is considered the best. What am I saying, the best! Valentino Rossi is a... Details
Alex Marquez

All About Alex Marquez

Alex Marquez has paved his way into the MotoGP World Championship with titles in all feeder classes. He entered the World Championship full-time in 2013 after winning the FIM CEV Repsol Moto3 title in 2012. Moto2 world champion in 2019, he entered MotoGP in 2020. Alex Marquez paved his way... Details
Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher's

Lewis hamilton vs michael schumacher

who is the greatest f1 driver of all time? The Formula 1 careers of Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher compared, including championships, victories, pole positions, points and more.In the 2020 Formula One season, Lewis Hamilton checks off several of Michael Schumacher's long-standing records. Some records that we thought would never... Details
qualities of an F1 legend

Top 3 qualities of an F1 legend

F1 is a sport where elite drivers compete to see who is the best among them. The twenty drivers on the grid are more often than not the best drivers in the sport.Of those twenty, however, only a handful win races and even fewer win the title. All of these... Details

What size champagne bottles are used in F1?

Have you ever seen Formula 1 drivers take to the podium and waste a perfectly drinkable bottle of bubbly? Not only is it better than perfectly drinkable quality, but it also looks larger than life. That's because they are, and are produced especially for the occasion.The bubbly used on F1... Details
safety car


Formula 1 motor racing is one of the most popular types of motor racing in the world, and driver safety is a big issue. In cases where safety may be compromised, a white vehicle with lights suddenly appears on the track; this is the safety car. One wonders: what does... Details
The 10 best F1 cars of all time

The 10 best F1 cars of all time

Some of the best drivers have graced Formula 1 for seven decades. These drivers have driven some of the best F1 cars of all time. It may seem that the cars are all the same. However, a look under the hood reveals the intricate details that set them apart. Improvised... Details
10 most intense F1 title rivalries of all time

The 10 most intense F1 title rivalries of all time

Formula 1 is a crazy sport. Debates about the racers and F1 title rivalries of all time are pretty mundane. Time is a fast component in everyone's life. However, these racers seem to defy all odds and compete against time. With all the attention and brilliant skills on display, the... Details