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We want to share with you the top 10 fun facts about the World Motorcycle Championship. Did you know them? Is there something missing? Share it with us!

1. Cover every category that has ever existed.

In the history of the World Championships, there have been races in every major category, including 125cc/Moto3, 250cc/Moto2, 500cc/MotoGP, but there have also been lesser-known categories like 50cc, 80cc and 350cc. There were even 750cc races from 1973 to 1979, but they didn’t score.

2. What is the highest number of participants in history?

In the 1969 Tourist Trophy on the Isle of Man (500 cc), a total of 97 riders participated. Eight times 500 cc. World champion Giacomo Agostini won this race.

3. The mobile clinic appears in 1977

Italian racer Franco Uncini had an accident in the 350cc category at the 1977 Austrian GP. The help of the mobile clinic saved his life in his very first GP race.


The three Ts on Dani’s fork stood for the nickname his team gave him: “Titanium”.

5. He came, he ran, he won.

In 2013, Marc Márquez became the first rookie to win at the Laguna Seca track, during the last GP held there. This makes Marc Márquez the winner of the only race he rode at Laguna Seca.

6. The beginnings of the world championship points system.

When the Motorcycle World Championship was founded, there were only points for the first five places. The winner would get 10 points, as opposed to the 25 he gets now, plus an extra point he would get for the fastest lap during the race.

puntos el ganador en vez de los 25 current. Además, si conseguías la vuelta rápida en carrera otorgaban un punto adicional.

7. Super siblings

Álex and Marc Márquez are the only two brothers ever to win a GP on the same day in 65 years of championships. Even more incredibly, they’ve done it twice in a row – in Catalunya and Holland. They won again at Le Mans in 2019. They were also the first brothers to win a World Championship in the same year, both supported by Repsol.

8. Have you ever wondered what a riding suit is made of?

Motorcyclists wear suits made of different types of animal leather, but the parts that are hit the hardest by friction are made of kangaroo leather.

9. Decades ago the world championship calendar was much shorter.

In the early years of the World Championship, there were less than 10 races on the calendar. In fact, there were only six in the first two editions.

10. Did you know that the Repsol Honda team raced several seasons with 4 riders?

From ’96 to ’99, Doohan, Crivillé and Okada rode in the same team. The foursome was completed by Shinichi Ito in 1996, Takuma Aoki in 1997 and Sete Gibernau in 1998 and 1999. For more fun facts about the World Championships, keep an eye on Box Repsol.

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