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MotoGP (Motorcycle Grand Prix) was launched in 1949 and is the most popular racing event in the world. Every year several MotoGP tournaments are organized around the world. MotoGP is known for its fast-paced action, intensity and nail-biting finishes. The racing event has also produced some remarkable racers who are loved and appreciated by millions of fans. To understand their contributions, here’s a look at some of the best MotoGP racers of all time with the highest number of wins.

Mike Hailwood –

Mike Hailwood, a British MotoGP racer, was active from 1958 to 1967. Hailwood has 76 MotoGP victories and was a world champion nine times. He was known for his natural ability to achieve good results with motorcycles of different engine power. For this reason, he received the nickname “Mike the Bike”. Hailwood is among the MotoGP racers who also participated in Formula 1 Grand Prix.

Marc Marquez

Spaniard Marc Márquez has 83 Grand Prix victories to his credit. He has also won eight Grand Prix world championships. Among them are six victories in the premier class MotoGP. Márquez is among the riders who have won world championships in three different classes. Other racers with this achievement are Valentino Rossi, Phil Read and Mike Hailwood. Another achievement of Márquez is that he is the youngest ever to win a MotoGP championship.

Angel Nieto –

A Spanish MotoGP racer, Ángel Nieto was active in the period from 1964 to 1986. He was an accomplished racer and won 90 Grand Prix races. He also won 13 world championships. Nieto mainly participated in 50cc, 80cc and 125cc racing events. He did not succeed in major displacement events at the world level. However, he won the Spanish National Championship in the 250cc, 500cc and 750cc classes.

Valentino Rossi –

Italian Valentino Rossi could potentially break Giacomo Agostini’s record. Rossi currently has 115 wins to his credit, only 7 off Agostini’s record. Rossi has been MotoGP world champion several times. He has won nine Grand Prix World Championships, seven of them in the premier class. Rossi holds the record of participation in more than 400 Grand Prix events.

Giacomo Agostini –

If we talk about countries, racers from Italy have won the most MotoGP events. One of them is Giacomo Agostini, who has won 122 Grand Prix races and 15 world titles. Agostini has taken victories in both the 500cc and 350cc categories. With unprecedented performances in MotoGP over his 17-year professional career, Agostini is often referred to as the greatest MotoGP rider of all time. You may be surprised to learn that Agostini secretly participated in local racing events at a young age. This is because his father did not approve of his racing ambitions. However, when the victories began, his father came to terms with his chosen career path.

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