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While motorcycles and cars are both popular forms of transportation, there are many differences between them. While it’s true that there are more car drivers than motorcyclists, motorcycles still have many advantages over cars that some may not be aware of. To expand your knowledge of motorcycles, visit us at Owen Motor Sports in Charleston or Effingham, Illinois. We also serve Decatur and Champagne.

Physical and mental benefits
The motorcycle/car debate has been going on for decades, but the physical and mental benefits of riding a motorcycle are undeniable. Riding a motorcycle burns more calories than driving a car and also uses more muscle groups, so riding a motorcycle can help improve your health. Taking a ride can also increase your peace of mind when you’re frustrated by relaxing and breathing in fresh air.

Save Money
You can save a lot of money by buying a motorcycle instead of a car. Motorcycles generally cost a fraction of the cost of the average car. Because of their small size, you will also spend less money on gas. Many motorcycles are more fuel efficient than even a partially electric hybrid car, so you can also save thousands of dollars a year in fuel costs.

Motorcycle / Car Parking
The small size of a motorcycle allows the bike to fit into spaces that a car normally couldn’t maneuver into. This makes parking as a motorcyclist much easier and less cumbersome than for someone driving a car, especially if it’s a large vehicle like an SUV.

Resale Value
Another area where a motorcycle can be considered an improvement over a car is resale value. It is well known that cars lose value very quickly after purchase. Motorcycles lose value much slower than most cars, so you may be able to get a better deal on your motorcycle if you want to resell it.

Cleaning your motorcycle is much faster and less complicated than washing your car. While washing your bike may not be your favorite thing to do, making sure your motorcycle is polished and spotless will be easy compared to how long it would take to polish up a car.

Whether you like cars or motorcycles better depends on your personal preferences, but don’t underestimate the many advantages a motorcycle can have over a car. To learn more about motorcycles, visit our locations in Charleston and Effingham, Illinois, which also serve Decatur and Champaign.

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