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The rear brake has become one of the most important tools on a MotoGP bike. Tech 3 KTM rider Danilo Petrucci explains why.

Most street riders use front brakes much more, while MotoGP riders use rear brakes much more. This is just one example of how the art and science of MotoGP riding has very little to do with everyday motorcycle riding.

The rear brake is now one of the most important tools on a MotoGP machine, which is why riders use it 70% of the lap, while they use the front brake half as often (but with much more stopping power and braking performance). .

MotoGP riders use the rear brake to stop the bike, turn it, adjust its stance, stabilize the bike and reduce wheelies during acceleration.

“The rear brake on a MotoGP bike is important everywhere,” says Tech 3 KTM rider Danilo Petrucci. “That’s why I have a thumb brake and a foot brake, so I can use the rear brake in all circumstances.

“When I was riding Superstock 600 I could have taken the rear brake off and still be fast, but when I went to 1000 Superstock I learned that it’s a tool you really, really have to use. In MotoGP there are no tracks where you use the rear brake more or less because you use it in most situations on every track.

“Sometimes the engineers tell you to use it less because of fuel consumption, but it does so much to stabilize the bike. I’m almost always on the rear brake, in and out of corners. Really the only time I don’t use it is when I’m in fourth, fifth and sixth gear.”

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